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Caribbean at Keppel Bay is built on the grounds of the former Keppel Harbour, which once had one of the largest docks in the world. Named after Captain Henry Keppel in 1900, Keppel Harbour and its four docks (Dock No.1, Dock No.2, King’s Dock and Queen’s Dock) hold great historic significance for Singapore.

The harbour had been instrumental to the economic prosperity of Singapore in the mid-19th century. With the opening of the Suez Canal, Singapore became a major port of call for steamships plying Europe and East Asia.

With its transformation from historic docks to exclusive homes by the sea, Keppel Bay is indeed a truly unique development that allows you to indulge in the ultimate waterfront living experience while reveling in its rich history. The rustic charm of the historic docks is preserved, as seen in the unique private water channels bringing the sea right into the condominium.

With its deep waters, Keppel Harbour was the natural choice for Singapore’s first dock. Dock No.1 was built in 1859, followed by Dock No. 2 in 1870. King’s Dock, the second largest dock in the world at that time, was completed in 1913 to cope with the increasing demand and traffic boom along the Keppel Harbour waterway. Queen’s Dock was subsequently added in 1957.

The shipyard operations have since been moved to newer and bigger premises in Tuas. This leaves the sprawling 32-ha site ready for its metamorphosis into a spectacular and vibrant waterfront city.